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Inverness is an area rich in Scottish heritage, well known for its Highland walks and great culture. The city is perfect a short break away, as it has a great array of attractions, bars, casinos and restaurants, making it suitable for couples and families. One of the most popular museums in the area is the Highlanders’ Museum, where you can really soak up some of the history Inverness has to offer. The museum offers visitors the chance to get a feel for some real Army gear in Fort George, which will entertain any child for hours as they can run around pretending to be soldiers. There also some great artifacts dating as far back as the Roman times, highlighting the changes in generations in the Highlands. Also boasting acres of greener to explore, it is well worth checking it out.

InvernessThe Loch Ness Monster: fact or fiction? This is the question that is bound to cause a debate whoever you are with. With no concrete evidence to prove Nessie exists and the few images claiming to showcase the mythical beast, it really is a 50-50 call. So why don’t you visit Loch Ness and do come exploring and investigating yourself. The world famous beast came to the forefront of society in the 1930’s and has enthralled travels and tourists ever since. The Loch is a great place to take the kids, as they can let their minds and imagination wander to what the famed creature may look like.

After a long day out seeing the sights, you might want to get your glad rags on and enjoy a night out in Inverness. The city has a great spread of restaurants, bars and clubs in the city centre to cater for all needs. But if you wanted to try something different, why not get a thrill from gaming at one of Inverness’s great casinos. The one4 Fun Casino gives all punters a fantastic gambling experience, with a fine array of games. With the rise in popularity of online gaming at casinos sites such as Gaming Club, the likes of poker and blackjack have come to the forefront of society again and more people are enjoying their gaming experience. So top off your great weekend in Inverness by soaking up some culture, taking in some Highland’s air, and hopefully rolling the dice and winning some cash.

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