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When booking a holiday, there’s no denying that you can have a lot to do. Between booking flights, organising health care, passports and packing and it can all become extremely hectic. However, it is important to ensure that you have organised everything in advance in order to avoid delays and getting spending under control through the use of budget-friendly hotels can certainly help! So, click here to apply for your European Health Card, get your bags packed and begin your preparation for fun in the sun! Here are just a few budget-friendly but high-quality hotels in Europe!

Lyndon Guest House, Inverness in Scotland

If you’re looking for a high quality hotel within the UK for a weekend getaway, our facilities here at Lyndon Guest house can offer you just that. With outstanding rooms and only the highest quality services, this 4 star family-run bed and breakfast is ideal for international and local visitors looking for a bit of rest and relaxation. Each of the luxury rooms on offer to you are equipped with an ensuite bathroom and free Wi-Fi connection coupled with with highest standard of furniture, ensuring you a top class holiday at a fraction of the cost!

Casa Burano, Venice in Italy

Located beside the river bank in Venice Casa Burano is the ideal hotel for anyone looking to travel to Italy on a budget. With its prime location on the island of Burano, this small and unique hotel is a combination of 5 separate houses that have been renovated by some of the best interior designers within Italy, to give you five-star quality without the five-star cost. You get to enjoy all that Venice has to offer completely worry-free! 

Volkshotel, Amsterdam in The Netherlands 

This hotel within Amsterdam is onefor the people, with rooms to suit any number of travellers and budgets. It can offer you the comfort of a five-star hotel without the expensive price tag and in addition to the inexpensive price, they also have special rooms with different themes, from jukeboxes to sleek and modern so there is something for everyone when looking to book a room at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. Surrounded by restaurants and other major attractions, this makes this hotel the perfect central hub for exploring this amazing city. 

Casa Mae, Algarve in Portugal

With a vintage Brazilian style and outstanding views, this hotel is a clear choice when looking to explore Brazil on a budget. Whether you are looking for a single room for your solo travels or a double room for you and a loved one, there is something for everyone within this hotel. This unique choice is made up of three different buildings with a different décor theme in each allowing you to completely tailor your overall experience when booking to stay here. Within a prime location within Portugal, it will be the perfect base for when you are exploring without having to journey too far and get back in good time for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Eden Locke, Edinburgh in Scotland

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Eden Locke hotel can offer you spacious rooms for all your rest and relaxation needs. Whether you are staying in or going out you can enjoy the very best that Edinburgh has to offer. With apartments available to rent complete with pots and pans and other utensils, you are completely independent during your stay allowing you to come and go as you please. With plenty of activities available to you either at the hotel or around Edinburgh, there is something for you to do no matter the weather.

Broadmead Boutique B&B, Tenby in Wales

Within the Welsh countryside, this privately owned hotel is perfect for anyone looking for a break filled with rest and relaxation. With 23 rooms in total, this small countryside hotel has something to suit anyone’s budget. With just a short journey to the coastline, this luxury bed and breakfast offers you the life of luxury within the Welsh countryside at a fraction of the cost.

Each of these budget hotels throughout Europe are offering you the very best they have to offer at a fraction the cost of a five-star hotel, allowing you to explore your chosen destination worry-free. Enjoy!