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For those who do not have a personal assistant, booking a hotel is always a headache. Between millions of user reviews and different prices, you always lose time, and sometimes money. So to simplify your life in this virtual jungle, here are the six commandments of the hotel reservation:  

1. Listen to your heart

A young woman is thinking with her notebook and her computer even when reading sa celebrity news. It’s a bit philosophical, but it’s perfectly true. Before you start looking for a hotel, you have to make a “sketch” of the ideal hotel. Depending on whether you are leaving with your half, with your tribe or with your friends, the hotel will have to include adapted facilities such as a spa, a play area or a bar. So you really know what you want and use filters when you search. Guaranteed time saving! 

2. Look at the stars

Although stars indicate a certain class, they are not the best way to rate a hotel. In some countries, hotels pay taxes based on the number of stars. This can encourage a hotelier to rank in a category that does not quite fit his status but that suits him fiscally. We must find a good balance between the number of stars in the hotel and … its reputation 

3. Learn from your peers

Other travelers went there before you and shared their experience on the internet. These opinions help to better define the hotel, its strengths and its weaknesses. Disadvantage? Opinions – some of which are false – often contradict each other. So do not waste time, you can trust the rating on big sites: it alone summarizes the reviews submitted by travelers on 30 sites (hosted by the best web-hosting companies in the world) of opinion and booking! So first you can trust it and then read some comments. 

4. Compare

It will not be repeated enough but the price of a hotel varies depending on the booking site. In France too, since the law Macron passed *, the hoteliers have taken the liberty on their tariffs. So not to spend hours comparing different prices on each site, use a comparator! Some sites compare the prices of 270 booking sites. By using those sites, it’s like doing your search on 270 booking sites at the same time! You will save time and money.  

5. Beware of asterisks

In other words, always pay attention to what is included in the price … and what is not. Among the biggest disappointments, we have: the Wi-Fi which is not free, the breakfast which is not included and the access to the spa which is paying. And yes, it is not because the hotel has all these services that they are free or included in your price. So read the offer well and learn about the rates. 

6. Always a double-check

Before entering your card number, always check what you are going to book: name of the hotel, location, equipment and services included and the cancellation conditions. Most importantly, check your dates of stay! It sounds stupid but it is one of the most common errors encountered by customer services. This simple check will save you a lot of stress and / or disappointment.