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When booking a holiday, there’s no denying that you can have a lot to do. Between booking flights, organising health care, passports and packing and it can all become extremely hectic. However, it is important to ensure that you have organised everything in advance in order to avoid delays and getting spending under control through the use of budget-friendly hotels can certainly help! So, click here to apply for your European Health Card, get your bags packed and begin your preparation for fun in the sun! Here are just a few budget-friendly but high-quality hotels in Europe!

Lyndon Guest House, Inverness in Scotland

If you’re looking for a high quality hotel within the UK for a weekend getaway, our facilities here at Lyndon Guest house can offer you just that. With outstanding rooms and only the highest quality services, this 4 star family-run bed and breakfast is ideal for international and local visitors looking for a bit of rest and relaxation. Each of the luxury rooms on offer to you are equipped with an ensuite bathroom and free Wi-Fi connection coupled with with highest standard of furniture, ensuring you a top class holiday at a fraction of the cost!

Casa Burano, Venice in Italy

Located beside the river bank in Venice Casa Burano is the ideal hotel for anyone looking to travel to Italy on a budget. With its prime location on the island of Burano, this small and unique hotel is a combination of 5 separate houses that have been renovated by some of the best interior designers within Italy, to give you five-star quality without the five-star cost. You get to enjoy all that Venice has to offer completely worry-free! 

Volkshotel, Amsterdam in The Netherlands 

This hotel within Amsterdam is onefor the people, with rooms to suit any number of travellers and budgets. It can offer you the comfort of a five-star hotel without the expensive price tag and in addition to the inexpensive price, they also have special rooms with different themes, from jukeboxes to sleek and modern so there is something for everyone when looking to book a room at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. Surrounded by restaurants and other major attractions, this makes this hotel the perfect central hub for exploring this amazing city. 

Casa Mae, Algarve in Portugal

With a vintage Brazilian style and outstanding views, this hotel is a clear choice when looking to explore Brazil on a budget. Whether you are looking for a single room for your solo travels or a double room for you and a loved one, there is something for everyone within this hotel. This unique choice is made up of three different buildings with a different décor theme in each allowing you to completely tailor your overall experience when booking to stay here. Within a prime location within Portugal, it will be the perfect base for when you are exploring without having to journey too far and get back in good time for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Eden Locke, Edinburgh in Scotland

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Eden Locke hotel can offer you spacious rooms for all your rest and relaxation needs. Whether you are staying in or going out you can enjoy the very best that Edinburgh has to offer. With apartments available to rent complete with pots and pans and other utensils, you are completely independent during your stay allowing you to come and go as you please. With plenty of activities available to you either at the hotel or around Edinburgh, there is something for you to do no matter the weather.

Broadmead Boutique B&B, Tenby in Wales

Within the Welsh countryside, this privately owned hotel is perfect for anyone looking for a break filled with rest and relaxation. With 23 rooms in total, this small countryside hotel has something to suit anyone’s budget. With just a short journey to the coastline, this luxury bed and breakfast offers you the life of luxury within the Welsh countryside at a fraction of the cost.

Each of these budget hotels throughout Europe are offering you the very best they have to offer at a fraction the cost of a five-star hotel, allowing you to explore your chosen destination worry-free. Enjoy!



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Canada really does have something to offer everybody. Whether you are looking for a vibrant city break or an adventure escape into the wilderness, you will find it in Canada. efore booking check out any visa requirements. You can easily obtain an ETA at Here is our guide to the top 5 places to visit.

5. Whistler

For ski and snowboard fans, Whistler is a must visit. Located two hours from Vancouver along the scenic sea to sky highway. It boasts excellent powder on two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb. The resort village of Whistler itself offers lots of hotels, shops and high-quality restaurants.

4. Quebec City

The capital of Quebec province, this picturesque, French-speaking city has a European feel with charming cobblestone streets and quaint architecture in the historic district. The cities famous Chateau Frontenac hotel sits majestically overlooking the St Lawrence river and is said to be the most photographed hotel in North America.

3. Niagara Falls (Ontario)

World famous landmark Niagara Falls is situated on the border between Canada and the united states with one side in New York State (USA) and the other in Ontario (Canada). In the area surrounding the falls, there is a range of restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels. The best views of the falls are available from the Canadian side in Queen Victoria Park. 

2. Vancouver

The vibrant city of Vancouver is located between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia. Combining sparkling glass-fronted apartment blocks and offices with beautiful natural surroundings and some of the friendliest locals you will ever meet, the city is one of the most visited places in Canada. Visit the beautiful greenery in Stanley Park, take in the artistic vibes at Granville Island and check out the shops in Chinatown. Don’t be surprised if the city looks strangely familiar to you, many blockbuster films and popular T.V series have been made here, and you may even spot a star or two!

1.Banff National Park

Located in Alberta, just a short 45-minute transfer from Calgary. Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park, and it’s most visited. The beautiful wild surroundings in the vast park and the small, friendly town of Banff draw visitors year round. In summer, tourists flock here for a range of outdoor pursuits and to see wildlife such as bears, moose and bald eagles, while in winter the town fills with skiers and snowboarders keen to ride the slopes at one of the areas three popular ski resorts (Mount Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise). After a day in the wilderness or on the slopes, the town offers a range of hotels, shops and some great quality bars and restaurants.



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For those who do not have a personal assistant, booking a hotel is always a headache. Between millions of user reviews and different prices, you always lose time, and sometimes money. So to simplify your life in this virtual jungle, here are the six commandments of the hotel reservation:  

1. Listen to your heart

A young woman is thinking with her notebook and her computer even when reading sa celebrity news. It’s a bit philosophical, but it’s perfectly true. Before you start looking for a hotel, you have to make a “sketch” of the ideal hotel. Depending on whether you are leaving with your half, with your tribe or with your friends, the hotel will have to include adapted facilities such as a spa, a play area or a bar. So you really know what you want and use filters when you search. Guaranteed time saving! 

2. Look at the stars

Although stars indicate a certain class, they are not the best way to rate a hotel. In some countries, hotels pay taxes based on the number of stars. This can encourage a hotelier to rank in a category that does not quite fit his status but that suits him fiscally. We must find a good balance between the number of stars in the hotel and … its reputation 

3. Learn from your peers

Other travelers went there before you and shared their experience on the internet. These opinions help to better define the hotel, its strengths and its weaknesses. Disadvantage? Opinions – some of which are false – often contradict each other. So do not waste time, you can trust the rating on big sites: it alone summarizes the reviews submitted by travelers on 30 sites (hosted by the best web-hosting companies in the world) of opinion and booking! So first you can trust it and then read some comments. 

4. Compare

It will not be repeated enough but the price of a hotel varies depending on the booking site. In France too, since the law Macron passed *, the hoteliers have taken the liberty on their tariffs. So not to spend hours comparing different prices on each site, use a comparator! Some sites compare the prices of 270 booking sites. By using those sites, it’s like doing your search on 270 booking sites at the same time! You will save time and money.  

5. Beware of asterisks

In other words, always pay attention to what is included in the price … and what is not. Among the biggest disappointments, we have: the Wi-Fi which is not free, the breakfast which is not included and the access to the spa which is paying. And yes, it is not because the hotel has all these services that they are free or included in your price. So read the offer well and learn about the rates. 

6. Always a double-check

Before entering your card number, always check what you are going to book: name of the hotel, location, equipment and services included and the cancellation conditions. Most importantly, check your dates of stay! It sounds stupid but it is one of the most common errors encountered by customer services. This simple check will save you a lot of stress and / or disappointment.




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There are some countries that have designs and styles that are famous and readily identifiable the world over. Scotland is one such country, with their tartans being adopted by many nationalities as a beautiful interior design element.

Scottish Design In The Interior

If you have a bed and breakfast, you can make your rooms and public areas very appealing by the addition of some Scottish motifs. Tartan is, of course, the most common Scottish design and can have a wide range of applications.

For example, dining table seating can be upholstered in a tartan check, bringing colour and warmth to the wood and setting a colour scheme for the entire room, depending upon which tartan you choose. If you have Scottish heritage, it can be tempting to go for a tartan in your clan’s ancestral colours, but you should choose a tartan based on existing colour schemes and room functions rather than history and heritage.

A red and black tartan would be a great choice for a dining room because of its boldness, while you could opt for a lighter tartan for a softer look. For example, a lavender or lilac tartan matched with cream would make an excellent choice for a bedroom, perhaps in the fabric used for the curtains or the bed linen. Tartan would look great in the living room as well. For a bold look, you can have sofas upholstered in a specific tartan and matched with an upholstered footstool. If seating and furniture covered in tartan is too bold a look for you, opt instead for accents in tartan, such as cushions or throws.

To keep an interior’s look a little more streamlined, you could install window shutters rather than curtains. There are a number of shutter styles available, so you can choose a style that would most accurately reflect the Scottish design style. Shutters are a more practical and hardwearing window-dressing than either curtains or blinds.

Other Scottish Associations

Of course, while tartan is the most obvious design style from Scotland, it is not the only one. Other motifs are decidedly Scottish, such as the thistle and heather, as well as Celtic and Gaelic symbols. Several of the symbols we think of as Scottish have actually been influenced by the invasion of Scandinavian races, such as the Vikings, and there are quite a few associations with Norse mythology. The Celtic knot, for example, is very well known, and hails from the early Celtic church. Celtic knots were used as decoration on Bibles and other religious manuscripts, as well as jewellery and statuary. A Celtic knot motif could be used as a border on plain-painted walls, or on fabrics for soft furnishings. You could use heather and thistles as a means of bringing nature inside your bed and breakfast, putting them in vases or hanging them dried around doorjambs or from light fittings.

Scottish design can involve some very strong visual motifs, so use them sparingly around your bed and breakfast to avoid overwhelming the senses and just give an idea of true Scottish style.



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What To See & Do In Ullapool

Ullapool BeachUllapool is a major tourist destination in Scotland. This small village can be explored in an hour or two, which is perfect for those who want to spend a day or two in a quaint holiday getaway. It is the perfect point to explore the highlands then get back to the city and enjoy music, arts and performance as it has a strong reputation for culture. If you prefer to stay in the peaceful village there is great bed and breakfast accommodation in Ullapool.  Here are 5 things to do and see in Ullapool.

Ullapool Tours

UllapoolUllapool and the Highlands are one of the most beautiful and mysterious landscapes in the world. Situated in Loch Broom, it offers many attractions that are simple yet breathtaking. Ullapool is a small village that you can explore on foot, so expect to do a lot of walking around to truly take in the beauty of the place. Wander to the harbor, to the Loch Broom, the hills and enjoy an hour at the Ullapool Museum. There are a few guided tours, as well, if you wish to explore the village with a knowledgeable local.

The Corrieshalloch Gorge

Corrieshalloch in Gaelic means “ugly hollow,” but there’s nothing ugly about this beautiful natural box canyon. Located on the Droma River 20 kilometers off Ullapool, the Gorge is a popular tourist attraction with a viewing platform and a Victorian suspension footbridge that gives spectacular views of the waterfalls. From the car park, visitors walk through paths along trees and plants before reaching the viewing deck. A perfect way to spend your afternoon, the Gorge is nature at its finest.

The Bone Caves at Inchnadamph

UllapoolAnother great attraction in Ullapool, Inchnadamph is a place with caves, tunnels and underground steams. Visitors hike the hills to the caves with the most popular one called The Bone Caves. Several years ago, countless bones of animals and humans were found inside this cave, with skeletons dating back to 3rd millennium BC. Bones of brown bear, polar bear, arctic fox, Eurasian lynx and even human bones were found inside. Though the bones are no longer there, it is still a great place to explore.

The Knockan Crag

One of the oldest landscapes in Europe, the Knockan Crag consists of rock formations that record the last 300 million years of the earth’s history. The area is known around the world as being one of the most important sites for understanding how Northern Britain’s landscape was formed. The area has an interpretation center, a car par, several walks and the popular artwork of Joe Smith, The Globe.

The Summer Queen Cruises

If you fancy some island hopping, the Summer Queen Cruises offers daily trips to Summer Isles, Annat Bay and Isle Martin. Aboard a working fishing boat, visitors get close encounters with seals, dolphins, whales and sea birds that inhabit the waters. There’s also stunning views and scenery of the islands, as well as historical points of interest. The morning tours take about 4 hours with a trip to the Summer Isles while the afternoon tour takes 2 hours and brings passengers to Annat Bay and Isle Martin.


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Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh International FestivalIn the city that’s dubbed as the 2nd most popular tourist destination in the entire United Kingdom, there’s an annual festival that attracts tens of thousands of people from across the globe. The Edinburgh International Festival brings the world’s top class performers in theatre, music, dance and opera to Scotland’s capital. Every year, for three weeks in August, Edinburgh is alive and bustling with art performances in every street corner. One of the most exciting festivals in the world, it also hosts several talks, workshops and visual art exhibitions where audiences can participate and learn about the arts.

The festival began its conception shortly after the Second World War. Among its founding members include the general manager of Glyndebourne Opera Festival Henry Harvey Wood, Head of the British Council in Scotland Sidney Newman, a group of civil leaders from Edinburgh and the force behind the enterprise, Rudolf Bing. In a meeting that occurred over lunch in Hanover Square, London, The Edinburgh International Music of Festival and Drama was conceived. The first performances occurred from August 22 to September 11, 1947 and it has been celebrated every year thereafter.

Every year, the festival focuses on a certain theme that comprises the topic of the workshops and performances. In 2013, the theme was technology and how it has changed art and performance. One of the highlights of the event was Cybraphon – a robot created with antique instruments and objects that were found and brought to life by robotic components. Another highlight of the concluded event included the Dance Odysseys, which was a 4 day festival within a festival with SISGO as the main event. Dancers merged with the audience creating an unforgettable experience. All major theatres and concert halls in Edinburgh served as the main venues of the festival while smaller venues were also used. Literally every corner or pub in the city had lectures, talks, discussions and performances that was difficult to see every single event.

This year, The Edinburgh International Festival will take place from August 8-31. What’s different between this great event compared to others is that all the performers have to be invited by the Festival Director. Which means the festival is a curated event – unlike others where you can apply to perform – all artists and companies have to have an invitation. Because of this, you are assured that every performer or artist is world class and at the top of their game in the field. With this emphasis on excellence and giving audiences the highest standards in art and performance, audiences are assured that everything they see in the festival are really the best of the best.

Due to the incredible popularity of the event it is crucial to book accommodation early to avoid disappointment as all of the hotels and B&Bs will be fully booked throughout the festival. You can find and book Edinburgh Accommodation using the Private House Stays website which has an excellent choice of privately owned hotels and bed and breakfasts to suit all budgets.



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Inverness is an area rich in Scottish heritage, well known for its Highland walks and great culture. The city is perfect a short break away, as it has a great array of attractions, bars, casinos and restaurants, making it suitable for couples and families. One of the most popular museums in the area is the Highlanders’ Museum, where you can really soak up some of the history Inverness has to offer. The museum offers visitors the chance to get a feel for some real Army gear in Fort George, which will entertain any child for hours as they can run around pretending to be soldiers. There also some great artifacts dating as far back as the Roman times, highlighting the changes in generations in the Highlands. Also boasting acres of greener to explore, it is well worth checking it out.

InvernessThe Loch Ness Monster: fact or fiction? This is the question that is bound to cause a debate whoever you are with. With no concrete evidence to prove Nessie exists and the few images claiming to showcase the mythical beast, it really is a 50-50 call. So why don’t you visit Loch Ness and do come exploring and investigating yourself. The world famous beast came to the forefront of society in the 1930’s and has enthralled travels and tourists ever since. The Loch is a great place to take the kids, as they can let their minds and imagination wander to what the famed creature may look like.

After a long day out seeing the sights, you might want to get your glad rags on and enjoy a night out in Inverness. The city has a great spread of restaurants, bars and clubs in the city centre to cater for all needs. But if you wanted to try something different, why not get a thrill from gaming at one of Inverness’s great casinos. The one4 Fun Casino gives all punters a fantastic gambling experience, with a fine array of games. With the rise in popularity of online gaming at casinos sites such as Gaming Club, the likes of poker and blackjack have come to the forefront of society again and more people are enjoying their gaming experience. So top off your great weekend in Inverness by soaking up some culture, taking in some Highland’s air, and hopefully rolling the dice and winning some cash.


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Loch Morlich - Cairngorms National ParkIf you happen to visit Aviemore during your trip to Scotland, then you should prepare your itinerary to help you make the most out of your travel. Considering the fact that there are numerous places to see and do in this place, you should try to list down each destination that’s recommended for those who are coming to this place for the first time. Find out more about these stunning attractions as you read along – and make it a point to check them out during your trip.

Aviemore is one of the most popular and widely recognised busy centres in Scotland. It is a popular destination among tourists because it offers a range of enjoyable activities and stunning places to visit. Moreover, the town offers a range of amenities that further enhance its beauty and appeal. After all, these are amenities that any developing community need to support its further growth and development. Find out more about Aviemore as you read along.

Located on the plain in Monadhliath and the famous Cairngorm Mountains, this lovely village offers extraordinary views and ambiance of a peaceful country life. Furthermore, it is the best place for any sportsman who yearn for great adventures no matter what the season. In Aviemore, you can find several routes that are marked clearly for different types of people such as naturalists, mountain bikers, horse riders, geologists and hikers. If you are fond of swimming or fishing, you may also check out the infamous River Spey that is known as Scotland’s second largest river. It rises specifically on the west portion of Laggan, which is found in the Monadhliath Mountains.

Winter In The Cairngorms National ParkAviemore exudes an ambience of a serene countryside and it features spectacular views and remarkable uplands that are often described in books written by poets and authors who have explored the wonders of this place. You can access Aviemore by taking the main line from Edinburgh to Inverness and there are several links from shuttle bus services that come from Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The trip is also quite reasonable, so you will not get bored on your way to the village.

This beautiful Scottish village is home to a range of outdoor activities that appeal to nature enthusiasts throughout the world. For instance, you can check out the lovely ski slopes of Aviemore, which is also a significant part of tourism in Scotland. Another remarkable destination in the village is the Cairngorms National Park, which you can access by car, bus or rail. It is a great place to explore because of its enchanting beauty and various events or festivals that are held all year round.

With these fantastic sights and places to visit in Aviemore, you will be able to connect with nature and get to know more about the locals in this enchanting Scottish village.



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If you are planning to take your children on a trip to Inverness, then choosing a fun and exciting spot to visit shouldn’t be that hard. In fact, this breathtaking location is filled with spectacular sights to see and things to do for your little ones. Just take a look at these highly recommended attractions that your kids will surely enjoy. Owners of your accommodation in Inverness will point you in the right direction to get to these great attractions.

Wildwoodz Paintball

Give your children plenty of opportunities to exhaust their excess energy by bringing them to a super fun place where they can just run around and have the time of their life. Wildwoodz is your best option when you have kids who get bored easily since this place is packed with wholesome excitement that they will love. Popular recreations here in Wildwoodz is a thrilling paintball game where all you need to do is duck and try to escape from your enemy who’s aiming a fresh bag of paint at you. When you get your chance, you can just sneak up and surprise your opponent with a big splash of colourful paint. This fascinating attraction is found on the Black Isle, which is also nearby a few other great attractions in Inverness.

Urquhart Castle RuinsUrquhart Castle

Every kid likes the idea of seeing a castle, which they always associate with knights in shining armour, a beautiful princess trapped in a tower and a fierce fire-breathing dragon that guards the gloomy prison where a fair maiden stays. So, if your kids are crazy about medieval castles, charming princesses and brave knights, then make sure you visit the Urquhart Castle during your trip to Scotland. It is an enormous and elegant castle that served as a medieval fort, yet its impressive ruins remains as one of the Highlands’ remarkable attraction to this present day.

Landmark Park

No trip can ever be complete without exciting rides, so make sure you bring your kids to Landmark Park near Aviemore in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Wile you can never run out of places to explore at the park, one of the finest attractions that your kids will love to visit over and over is the Wild Water Coaster. This enchanting waterfall ride, along with the Runaway Timber Train will keep your kids entertained for hours. They will surely go wild after spending some time in this ride that’s full of twists and turns.

Kushi Adventures

For water sports enthusiasts, a day at Kushi Adventures is a must in their list of places to visit in the enigmatic Highlands of Scotland. This fantastic place is the perfect setting for a relaxing canoe ride, which gives you a chance to explore and marvel at the beauty of the coastlines throughout Inverness. In case canoeing or kayaking is not your idea of fun, then you can always check out the nature trails and join in the mountain walk to the Highlands. This is the perfect activity who prefer nature walks and exploration that let them learn more about the beauty of this enchanting place.

Culloden BattlefieldCulloden Battlefield

Learn more about Scotland’s rich culture, as you visit the infamous battlefield in Culloden Moor. This was the setting where British armies and the group called Jacobites fought in 1746. It is interesting to note that this very spot looked exactly the way it was during the time of the battle, so you can have a feel of this significant event in the history of Scotland. Take your kids to this historical spot in Inverness, which will enrich their knowledge and feed their senses.

Treat your kids to a fun-filled and meaningful adventure that they will never forget. Make sure you include these spectacular child-friendly attractions to your itinerary for a one-of-a-kind trip to the Highlands with your little ones.

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